By Mario Mark Molla

Komani lake 

Since 1985

Komani lake travel tips 

Lake trip komani lake , mario molla
- In May ,it's not warm enough yet, so please take long sleeves and any rain jacket,refer to forecast. 
- June is mostly warm enough for swimming and you should take your swimming suit.
- July and august are pretty hot, take your sun creams and hat .
- September and October are pretty cooling, so rainy jackets are always good to have.
-November - February 
Is not any regular connection (on demand only) , the area is incredibly beautiful and really worth to visit it , it may be quite cold by that time.
* You can also take your favorite games to play out.
* If you planing to go to Koman afternoon,please feel free to text us and let us know your location we may be on road and give you a free passage to Koman.(not easy to findpublic transport on that time)
* Not good network connection (we are free to the outside world :)
* Road is ''still'' bit bumpy but driveable :)
* The views after sunshine are amazing.
* The best time to avoid traffic is after 8 am.
* You can bring your pets with you.
* We welcome guests who wish to help us and can stay for free :)
* Camping on the village (we have tents also) 
* We would like if you carry musical instruments and play music
* After summer we are here 
* We have baby seats on vans
* Pets allowed