By Mario Mark Molla

Komani lake 

Since 1985

Travel daily from Fierza toward Koman & vice versa 

Koman ferry is the official carrier of Komani lake.
It has a great capacity of people and vehicles, a cosy bar inside, VIP rooms ( which you can reserve )  On the upper floor it makes it possible to have an unforgettable trip due to the space and height, sailing through fjords .


Fierza-Koman    :   9am-11am
Koman-Fierza    :   12am-2pm


Koman-Fierza    :   9am-12am
Fierza-Koman    :   1pm-3:30pm

It is on high demand so please reserve in advance via whats app : +355 69 756 0214 .

Round tour with the ferry of morning :  Koman-Fierza / 9am-12am
                                                                :  Fierza-Koman / 1pm-3:30pm
1st May-1st September

We offer airport pick up/drop back 
Transport to Theth and Vermosh.