By Mario Mark Molla

Komani lake 

Since 1985

Valbona package 3 days 2 nights

EUR 145.00

Visit alps 3 days Shkoder-Komani lake drive through mountains going higher in direction of alps.


Koman-Valbona ( sail through ferry route canyons and cliffs )


Fierza-Valbona a great curvy ride going up hills toward alps, a stop in B.Curri town for atm,shops,market and coffee, continue to Valbona on this amazing fairy nest, where sky kisses peaks, and sun reflects shine on the non melted white snow.


Fresh air, bliss, good healthy food, warm hospitality and good vibes on the local guesthouses .




Program : 1st day Pick up from Shkoder 6:30am or 8am


(optional pick up from your hotel/hostel), drive to the ferry port in Koman approx 2 hours .


9am or 12am ferry to Fierza


12am or 2pm van to Valbona


1:30pm or 3:30pm arrive Valbona


Accommodate in guesthouse,


2nd day free program for hiking trekking around Valbona mountains.


3rd day take bus in morning 7:30am to reach Shkodra 2pm or depart Valbona 10am to reach Shkodra 6pm




All incl 145 eur per person

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