By Mario Mark Molla

Komani lake 

Since 1985

Welcome to Komani lake

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Lake Koman is located on the south west of the territory of Dukagjin former principal.

Koman is part of the autokton part of Albania survived Otoman's, Dukagjin.

Archeological discoveries prove the heritage of the locality from Pellazgo-Illyrians 

It is a world wide natural treasure when we regard to the spiritual power and ''life's battery recharge'' Preserving the old traditional human values of the area and Pagan Illyrian and Christian ones .

We are mostly focused on preserving this natural treasure and pay attention on development of the locality by building new paths of tourism in years .

Happy to Share paradise with people who want to see and enjoy it and feel the energy of nature and respect it .

Mario Mark Molla (Dukagjini)


Koman : ferry dock , harbor . authorised staff
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